Is there any dataset about worldwide Internet Interconnection locations?

Some information about the average or maximum switching capacity would be nice.

I found a map (and raw data) about seacables (http://www.cablemap.info/), but nothing about connections on land.

  • updated that gist. sorry about that – albert Sep 27 '17 at 12:37

I'm not aware of any open solution but here's some real quick data I found after a brief search:

PCH (Packet Clearing House) Internet Exchange Directory exposes their data in JSON/TopoJSON here:
Countries TopoJSON
Directory Data JSON
and Data Center Map's Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) map exposes their data in one of their JS files.

I've put them all into this gist for the moment. Will probably port to GitHub/Datahub.io/data.world at some point...

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