I mainly serialize linked data through the Java Jena library. One of the features I really like is where you create a java class from an OWL file, which in eclipse enable autocomplete, when coding an open data serializer.

I would love to have the same autocomplete functionality in a simple editor. I often write triples in my preferred text editor Textmate, where I just type of copy/paste the long URIs. Having an editor that would autocomplete some preset prefixes would be really convenient.

Does it exist?

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My currently favoured text editor jEdit has a simple yet effective word completion feature (Menu Edit > Complete word; default shortcut Ctrl+B). It takes its word list from the opened document and includes keywords of the file's programming language (in case it is code). Word-delimiting characters can be user-defined as described on the page Working with Words (section What's a Word?) in the comprehensive jEdit User's Guide.


I use Sublime Text, and a number of plugins using package control. Most usefully this Turtle plugin that autocompletes things based on what you've already typed:


This is assuming you're writing in Turtle, and therefore using prefixes. If I'm working in other RDF formats, I use Jena rdfcat to transform files into Turtle and back out again - makes it far easier for editing most of the time.

Honourable mention to Phil Lord's Tawny-OWL, which might not be appropriate for what you want particularly, but does have some really cool RDF-conscious autocompletes built in (from what I remember!) and allows you to create models programmatically. Not used it in anger yet...


There is a new and really cool Linked Data Editor - the Fluent Semantic Editor 2014 from Cognitum.

For a first impression you can watch their video at http://www.youtube.com/embed/2KEC4q_xmWY?hd=1&feature=youtu.be&autoplay=1

Product Homepage is: http://www.cognitum.eu/Semantics/FluentEditor/

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