The title says it all, does there exist in digital form, like csv-files or spreadsheets, the (very many) data tables from Pitirim A Sorokin's Social and Cultural Dynamics, all four volumes:

I   Fluctuations of Forms of Art
II  Fluctuations of Systems of Truth, Ethics, and Law
III Fluctuations of Social Relationships, War, and Revolution
IV  Basic Problems, Principles, and Methods
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If you mean all the tables that are displayed throughout the text, one option would be to register at Scribd (one month free), download the files from there:

Volume 1 (Chapters 1 and 2 missing)
Volume 2
Volume 3 (Chapters 1 and 2 missing)
Volume 4

Then cut and paste the tables and pull them through an OCR program. That's not in CSV and still a lot of work, though
(especially since the file appears to be OCRed from another source, resulting in weird formatting artefacts like page 123).

If you have access to the written volumes, you would have to type over the tables from the 2+2 missing chapters.

After all that, do the world a favor, place the results somewhere online, and write that as an answer here ;-)

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