I am trying to find "code tables" in OSHA enforcement dataset of the DOL.
Code tables have been mentioned in the inspection table of DOL OSHA enforcement data set:

Column Name       Data Type    Column Description
const_end_use     varchar(1)   Construction - end-use **(code table ENDU)** 
project_cost      varchar(1)   Construction - project cost range **(code table COST)** 
project_type      varchar(1)   Construction - project type (code table PTYP) 

But I have no idea how to get these codes or let alone where are they located...

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Enigma Public has ingested this dataset and they provide metadata for the columns you're looking for. It looks like the OSHA - Accidents dataset provides information on both the project cost code and the project cost description of the code. Similarly, it also provides information on the Construction - end-use code and description of the code. I hope this helps!

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