I'm looking for a list of lat/long coordinates of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline route, which Enbridge (oil company) wants to build in BC. My goal is to build a web app that displays the proposed pipeline route on a map, along with other information.

Does anyone know where I could find that data? Thanks!

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    I did a little sniffing and thought I'd found something (on gatewayfacts.ca) relevant for you; then I saw that you'd posted the question! I see they didn't actually give it to you as data; anyway, might be worth adding as a note in your question that you've pursued that. People may have tips on how to convert the map they gave you to GIS data. – Joe Germuska Oct 14 '13 at 14:58
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It looks like Pipe Up Against Enbridge has the data your after, i.e., http://pipeupagainstenbridge.ca/the-project/map

My colleague @HughStimson is contacting them about the data in the hopes that we can get permission to host as part of the GeoDataBC collection (https://github.com/geodatabc). (PS We're looking for contributors!)

In the meantime, it appears that the necessary data is linked from that map, e.g.:


You'll probably want to check-in with them about the license / source for the data.

Good luck!


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