I'm searching for a crime statistics by city in Ukraine, especially murder rate. The other crime statistics are also good, though.

I couldn't find it in English, so it would be welcomed if it is in Ukrainian or Russian languages.

Does anyone know if/where I can get it?

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In this answer, I'm talking about regional crime statistics only (and I'm gathering materials for more relevant answer). In short, Ukrainian regional prosecutor's offices publish some criminal statistics on their websites.

You could be interested in the so called «Форма №1» (Form #1), which is also known as «Єдиний звіт про кримінальні правопорушення» (Unified report on criminal offences) or «Звіт про зареєстровані кримінальні правопорушення та результати їх досудового розслідування» (Report on registered criminal offences and pre-trial investigations results).

Unfortunately, pages with this report are not located on prosecutor's offices websites uniformly. Usually, these pages are located somewhere in the sections named Documents («Документи») or Statistical information («Статистична інформація»).

The list of regional prosecutor's offices websites is available on the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine website. Here below I reproduce this list and provide exact links to the pages with Form #1.

To prevent you from searching in a wrong direction:

Update 1

Regional offices of State Statistics Service of Ukraine are another possible source.

However only Main statistical office in Lviv region provides such information.

Some other regional offices provide such information in printed bulletins. These bulletins are paid.
This is a table of contents of the bulletin published by Main statistical office in Rivne region in 2016. According to the table of contents, the bulletin should contain section named «Кількість виявлених злочинів по містах та районах» (Number of detected crimes in cities and districts) on page 180.

Update 2

Elena D. (ex-developer of Ukrainian Open Budget, probably she knows) answers me: no.

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