Where I can get the human name corpus country-wise, so that I can use it for training my neural network for detecting the human names out of the string.
Does anyone have idea of this?


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UK first names are available from birth registration data from the ONS here (annual files are available and there is also data going back a lot of years). Trends and visualisation of some of this data are available on my Tableau Public page.

Data from the USA are also available. A good place to start is here. This dataset is also accessible from several other sources including an open dataset in Google's BigQuery (if you have an account then it saves a lot of downloading and structuring).

These generally only give the prevalence of first names for privacy reasons, but that is a good place to start.


Since 2014 the Dutch social insurance bank publishes lists of most popular boys and girls names:

for boys: http://svbvod.download.kpnstreaming.nl/kindernamen-2016/jongens-populair-2016.pdf
for girls: http://svbvod.download.kpnstreaming.nl/kindernamen-2016/meisjes-populair-2016.pdf

For 2014 or 2015, change the years in the links.

Another source is a research institute in the Netherlands that keeps track of every single name in the Netherlands, in 2010 they published every first name that occurs more than 500 times in the Netherlands: http://www.meertens.knaw.nl/nvb/downloads/Top_eerste_voornamen_NL_2010.zip
They also have an interface which allows you to view the occurrence of names, but you can't use it to download bulk data: http://www.meertens.knaw.nl/nvb/english

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