I am trying to collect architectural buildings plans for some computer vision project. Many cities publish scanned house plans as a service to the public, but it is not standard and not trivial to collect.

Is there a large dataset of scanned plans? It does not have to be of houses for sales or from a specific place. Alternatively, are there open data services of house plans that would be easy to sample from?


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Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition opened all of its entries on GitHub.
Not sure how many are of houses and/or if this is useful. More info here

The Open Architecture Network seems to not exist anymore, but the wayback machine has much of it saved. Here's one example of plans you can access.


Plan N Design has a huge database of residential and commercial building plans. Hope it helps!

  • A great site, thanks!! But, can you point out where it says that the plans are Open?
    – Mawg
    Jun 17, 2021 at 6:51

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