I wonder if there is a library of Camera calibration and distortion parameters (as presented in OpenCV camera model or convertable to it) that would cover main cell phone models (iOS\Android) and popular web cameras?

It shall include main distortion parameters such as k1, k2, p1, p2, k3 or a formula on how to convert into them.

As For now I found this and this:

ipad2-front    3.3398628913791757e-02 3.6208493485118960e-02
    -1.3077939973028386e-03 -2.0534401775609144e-03

ipad3-rear 2.3628479801842187e-01 -1.4838185680077374e+00
    6.1164837177226554e-03 -1.3917464527942961e-02

ipad3-front 2.8173092926263271e-02 -7.7958809141800769e-02
    -3.8787165863786166e-03 2.2533495554116770e-02

macbook-pro-2009   -1.0939089498246352e-01 5.1756087136315387e-01
    1.8180735389345232e-03 -3.3265554687567211e-03

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