How can I access FDA drug recall, or warning letter data?

So that I can use that information to predict the Drug Shortage using machine learning algorithms

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I hope you have additional data sources, of course, but what you're looking for is absolutely available.Also, the prescribing data that's available is far from real-time, though an unexpected spike in a drug with a manufacturing limit on the precursor (methylphendidate might be an example off the top of my head) could be useful to incorporate into the model.

I think what you're looking for is here specifically, though you may well find other useful information on the OpenFDA site. Their open data is surprisingly useful in many ways. The link is to their API reference, which is a pretty reasonable overview. You can also download the data in bulk.

If you're not solely US-centric, you'll want to review the monthly data on prescribing from the UK NHS. Trends from that data might be helpful in predicting shortages.I can't add a third link, but the site is not hard to find.


You can find U.S. Food and Drug Administration recall data on their site here. You can export each enforcement report per week per year as a CSV. It is a bit of a hassle as you may need to aggregate the CSVs. You can also find related data on Enigma Public (disclaimer: I work here but I'm legitimately vouching for it) i.e U.S. FDA Adverse Event Reporting System.

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