Anyone have any idea where to get a shapefile for NI wards that corresponds to the 2011 census?

NISRA has a small area shapefile that is supposed to be aggregable up to ward boundaries, but the file has a self-intersection in it that keeps breaking.

As a general poll, how do people feel about the availability of geospatial data in NI?

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If you go to the NISRA website then you'll get all shapefiles in both .shp and .tab formats for 2011 census as well as some other geogrpahies.

Be awere of the copyright.

  • Oh and to add to your poll - i think its spot on (internally in the public sector). If youre on the outside yes it can be tough yet INSPIRE will change all that.
    – Stephen
    Commented Oct 23, 2013 at 15:15

Found a shapefule for 2001 boundaries that's still valid for the 2011 census data I'm working with.

UK Data Service has the file, but you'll need to register with them. (As a non-profit media group, it was easy enough for us to do so. For-profit may be more difficult.)

Also, be aware the ward boundaries were changed in 2012, so they'll be different for data dated thereafter. UKDS doesn't have that shpfile, and I believe the only source so far is Land & Property Service and the Ordinance Survey of Northern Ireland.

They have a map service you can use in Arc or QGIS, but of course is heavily restricted. Otherwise there's a lot of money involved.

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