I am developing a IP-ish surveillance-like animals behaviour analyzing solution. I have some private video streams, but to check method robustness I need to be able to check on other animal types\locations\light conditions. So I wonder if there is some "registry" or list of publicly available 24\7 animal video stream links (say of some zoos)?

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No registry that I am aware of, but some government sites do post all of the webcams within their agency/department/etc., like NPS Air Quality Web Cameras.
I keep a lists of some webcams, here are the ones that have animals.

EarthCam Live Webcam Network has over 500 Search Results for "Animals and Zoos" as well as an Animal Cams section.
Eagle Cam @ Berry College, GA
FWS Eagle Cam
DC Eagle Cam
Animal Planet Live
San Diego Zoo
Kelp Forest Cam - Channel Island National Park
Under Water Scuba Cam - Channel Island National Park
Bear Cam - Brooks Falls
Puffin Burrow Cam
Farallon Islands Live Webcam
Farm Sanctuary - Pig Pasture
Shark Lagoon Cam
Live Penguins Cam
Penguin Cam
Phillipine Coral Reef Cam
Wolf Cams
International Wolf Center Exhibit Pack Live Stream
Panda Cam - San Diego
Panda Cam - Atlanta
Panda Cam - National Zoo
Live Safari Cams
Video Streams Broadcasing Live from the National Aquarium
Elephant Cam - National Zoo
Lion Cam - National Zoo

Note: Explore.org has a lot of webcams of animal life, but make sure you are watching the live feed vs. the highlights reel from the previous season that they run during hibernation season.

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