I want to add a tag "Water" to any dataset that includes data "agua"

Can I use the API to search, find and update all datasets that contain the search string "agua" to add a tag "Water"

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Yes, you can search all datasets that contain the word "agua" using the package_search API action, eg http://demo.ckan.org/api/3/action/package_search?q=agua

Once you have them you can either:

  • For each of the returned results, add the "Water" tag and call the package_update action (sending the whole package object, not just the tag)
  • For each of the returned results, call the package_patch action, sending the updated tags (make sure to include the existing ones), eg :

    {"tags": [{"name": "Water"}, {"name": "OtherTag"}]}

Hope this helps

  • Thank you amercader for the response. Still very new at this and could use additional help using the API. Completed 1st step easy data.amerigeoss.org/api/3/action/package_search?q=agua finds 1503 packages/resources. Now how do I "append" = add additional tags called "water" and "environment" to the current list of tags in each of the 1503 results keeping the existing tags adding the 2 additional tags. Would you give me an example of how to add the tags calling each of the actions package_search-->package_update-->package_patch step by step? Any help is appreciated. Jun 23, 2018 at 15:10

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