I'm looking for word databases, mainly in English and Swedish, which contain lists of words associated with the ages where they are typically learned.

WordNet linkage is a big bonus.

  • words.sf.net doesn't quite do what you want (it assigns a "level" to each word and is English only), but might be a start.
    – user3856
    Apr 24, 2017 at 12:08

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  1. Age-of-acquisition ratings for 30,000 English words (2012):
  1. Age-of-acquisition, imagery, concreteness, familiarity, and ambiguity measures for 1,944 words (1980):
  • Springer link
  • List of words is within the article, but see also 3.
  1. Compilation and comparison of many sources (50,000 words, 2012):


  1. Swedish and English word ratings of imageability, familiarity and age of acquisition are highly correlated (99 words, mostly nouns, 2015):

The authors provide bibliography, there are no references to more eleborative lists of Swedish words, but there are references to lists of Norwegian words.

  1. Ratings of age of acquisition of 299 words across 25 languages: Is there a cross-linguistic order of words? (2016):
  1. Wordbank (710 Swedish words and combinations of sounds)

According to Kuperman, Stadthagen-Gonzalez and Brysbaert:

  English word   AoA   
 ------------- ------- 
  age            4.38
  word           4.42  
  learning       4.44
  list           5.58
  acquisition   13.63  

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