I am wondering how sport API's get their data.

Do they use web scraping or web crawling?

If they do: is it legal to create my web scraper to gather data?

I checked various sites and they all lead to different API/Feed, but how do these feeds get their data?

And how do they update it so fast (live scores)?


I think they get it from the contribution of the community.
More Info: https://www.jokecamp.com/blog/guide-to-football-and-soccer-data-and-apis

  • Thanks for the answer, I guess that is the most logical way. Apr 17 '17 at 19:37

Some, like Opta, have their own staff watching the games and updating data, but then they charge large amounts of money for access.

The smaller companies mainly scrape the data (technically in the public doman, so legal)

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