At the beginning of 2016 the IRS finally opened up their electronically filed 990 forms from nonprofits (see article from the Sunlight Foundation). All of the 990 data is now machine-readable and uploaded by the IRS to Amazon Web Services.

Amazon provides instructions on how to interact and procedurally use this data trove, however I can't seem to find any free website that has actually done this.

Right now the only way I know of how to find who a Private Foundation has given money to is:

  1. Tediously read through each Foundation's actual IRS 990-PF form and look at each grant recipient.
  2. Pay for a subscription (starting at $200/mo?) from FoundationCenter.org to use their database.

Does anyone else know of any other ways or a free database that's already been created from all of the data that the IRS placed on AWS?

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