With noteevents how can we match the icd9 code for a given clinical note from the diagnosis table. It seems that the subject_id, HADM_id are not unique.

  • It seems that the subject_id, HADM_id are not unique Some data to backup up that statement would help distinguish if it is actually so or that you are overlooking something. Please edit your question. If you indent text by 4 spaces it will have a data/code layout.
    – user4293
    Mar 28, 2017 at 20:23

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You cannot link the ICD9 code to a specific note. ICD9 codes are linked to each hospital admission (HADM_ID), for which each person (SUBJECT_ID) will have one or more. Each hospital admission will likely have multiple notes, but these notes themselves are associated with a HADM_ID, and not directly to a diagnosis code. If you want specific diagnoses by day based on notes, you will have to mine the text directly.

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