I am interested in developing an index for rating for player ability in billiards or snooker. To do so I was hoping to get a dataset consisting of attempted shots and their success with other factors (distance from object ball, angle of cut, distance from pocket) etc.

Is there any dataset that exists like this?

  • snookerdatabase.co.uk will be almost completely useless to you, but I'm under quota for pointless posts today. You might find video of pool/snooker games and generate this yourself, but ugly.
    – user3856
    Apr 7, 2017 at 18:09

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My favourite source for all-things-snooker is CueTracker.

It features high-completeness at all times and a plethora of statistics covering all manner of things (from both professional and amateur tours), all put together and maintained by an amateur snooker player and enthusiast.

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