I am working on an expert system project and I am looking for sample data-sets for computer system products (laptops, desktops, tablets, etc.). This data should include at least price and specifications.

Do you know where I can find data which has this information?

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As you haven's specified a timeframe of the data you are looking for, you can try the amazon crawl: http://jmcauley.ucsd.edu/data/amazon/

Particularly: metadata (3.1gb) - metadata for 9.4 million products


  • asin - ID of the product, e.g. 0000031852
  • title - name of the product
  • price - price in US dollars (at time of crawl)
  • imUrl - url of the product image
  • related - related products (also bought, also viewed, bought together, buy after viewing)
  • salesRank - sales rank information
  • brand - brand name
  • categories - list of categories the product belongs to

I suppose you can filter by category to get only laptops,desktops, tablets,etc..

Mind that the data is oldish: May 1996 - July 2014.

  • Is there such a list that is crawled from multiple sources?
    – WMRamadan
    Commented Sep 2, 2022 at 0:08

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