I am looking for a data set that specifies the roof types (flat/hip/gable) of buildings in Denmark. A second best result would be the same data for another Northern European country.

I have looked into the cadastral data of Denmark but could not identify datasets that would contain the roof type (they do have a Minecraft dataset though).

Would anyone know of such a dataset for Denmark or any other Northern European country?

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I would suggest to have a look at OpenStreetMap (OSM).

There is a supported tag in OSM to specify which type of roof covers a building: the "roof:shape=*" key. Please see this page for full information about this tag and some interesting links of webmaps/projects about rendering buildings in 3D from OSM information.

A quick query on the OSM database through overpass-turbo shows that there is only 3326 buildings with roof description in Denmark. A drop of water in the ocean, but you can still further check some Danish places or other cities to see if some part might be exploitable for your purpose.


  • Wow, cool. Indeed a very small sample, but interesting nonetheless. Apr 6, 2017 at 19:42

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