For a current project I am looking for an API (or 'offline' CSV like format) which contains names and nutrition (kilokalories, protein, vitamins, etc.) of food and ingredients.

What I found so far:

Also there are some commercial APIs for resolving products to nutritions. But what they are all lacking is multi-language support.

My Use Case are e.g.

  1. User searches for "basmati rice" -> gets a response which list all the nutritions of basmati rice.
  2. User searches for "Erdbeeren" (German for strawberries) -> gets a response which listing nutritions for strawberries.
  3. User searches for "farine complète" (French for wholemeal flour) -> gets a response listing nutritions for wholemeal flour.

Just as a example. It is of course okay to first see a list of results and choose between e.g. different brands or variants.


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You might have found that commercial one already and it is not multi-lingual but would cover all your use cases (you would have to translate your ingredient names to English using Google Translate though)


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