I work for a Health Insurer and need to map facilities (in this case they would be Ambulatory Surgical Centers) to a handful of yet to be defined categories (e.g. Ear Nose & Throat, Gastroenterology, etc.) based on the types of procedures most commonly done at the facility (this would be identified in their claims data).

At this point the best grouping I have is the Clinical Classification Software (CCS) grouping, but that has about 250 categories and I need a system that gives me closer to 5-10 categories.

Has anyone done or seen anything similar?

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Yes. Check out http://xpresso.abzooba.com/XpressoOnWeb/.

They have built up so many domains already (health care - armamentarium) is one of them. They have fixed aspects (usually 5-6) for every domain. and the engine does aspect based sentiment analysis. Try out a few sample sentences in that link.

Note: You'll have to create an account, but it is open data.

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