I'd like to train a system that takes text and predicts IAB classes.

Are there any public datasets available for this?

  • I am planning to create a dataset for this and make it public - can you let me know your requirements if you still have them 4 years on :)
    – dendog
    Mar 5 at 21:03
  • Awesome! I would still welcome a dataset for this. I think ideally it would be a a multi-label dataset and (in a perfect world) would be for paragraph-sized text or smaller since aggregating up would be easier than detangling down. As you get larger chunks the odds of needing multi-label would seem to increase too. Good luck and let me know if there's a repo or something to track.
    – Jim K.
    Mar 9 at 11:26

I was looking for that as well and did not find any so far. But this paper describes approach to use Wikipedia data for this.


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