I have ca. 30k European company names mainly from Germany, Iberia, France, Benelux and Austria (SMEs*) and their addresses. In 2/3 of cases I also have a national ID (SIREN for French companies, CIF for Spanish companies...)
Is there a way to get the respective NACE (2008 version) codes of those companies? There are commercial outlets who do this for around 30 cents a pop but something cheaper would be appreciated.

* Small and medium sized enterprises

  • Apart from the mentioned France and Spain, what are the jurisdictions you are looking at? I am working on adding the French companies data to Unigraph, you will then be able to query it and extract it. Are you sure that the Siren APE Code "Activité Principale Exercée" equals NACE? I am also preparing the Belgium companies, which thankfully are reported with NACE (2003 and 2008) so version should also be probably considered... – marfi Jan 24 '17 at 7:59
  • Update: I've added the data on the Belgian and French companies and their NACE, INSEE APE codes into Unigraph. This example shows you how to query it by company name or id and get the NACE 2003/8 or APE – marfi Feb 8 '17 at 12:53

I think the cheapest API for this job is the OpenCorporates one.

With the Basic subscription (99 £ and 20 000 api calls a month, or even free if your project is for public benefice), you could match your companies in two months. Or maybe less if you have a lot of Belgian enterprises : i don't know for other countries, but the Belgian Companies database is freely available and it mentions the Nace codes.

Notice that OpenCorporates has also a free Open Refine API that would allow you to reconcile your 1/3 companies without official ID.

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    Here is a sqlite version of the Belgian companies database if you want it : Dropbox link. It is based on CSV downloaded from here in February. – Ettore Rizza Jan 31 '17 at 11:11

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