I am trying to get a dataset of temperatures in India before 1947 - say 100 odd years (before partition). Is there a web-site or some place where I could visualize such data or even have graphs of temperature of that period ?

It would be preferable if such information is either in .csv or .json format (both are foss formats) making it easier to manipulate and get some patterns out of it.

  • @JanDoggen thank you for the pointer, have done it, hope the above is a bit better.
    – shirish
    Jan 16, 2017 at 17:52

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It is difficult to obtain such old datasets.

Depending what you are trying to do you could use the 20th century reanlysis made by NOAA-CIRES. The description of the dataset:

It is a modeled dataset and you can extract several variables as surface temperature on a latitude, longitude position.

Other option is the post-processed dataset released by the CRU: Read the ReadMe:

Other modelled dataset is the 20th century reanalysis by the ECMWF:

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