Does anyone know where I can find a dataset on blood donations in a given country or area with demographic information like household income ect.?

(Edited to be in line with the sites policy on data requests.)

Context: I'm doing research on whether paying donors for their blood donations or giving them a tax receipt is an incentive to donate more blood. I'm also trying to Identify if there is a reservation wage for blood donation

Region: Preferably either American or Canadian data but I will take anything that meets the other requirements.

License: Open available data or some other data set

Format: Whatever I can read into R. I usually use CSV file formats.

Authority: Im not picky, but please note the origin of the data

Non-answers: https://archive.ics.uci.edu/ml/datasets/Blood+Transfusion+Service+Center (does not have info about income or consumption any goods and services)

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