I am looking for a data-set of server performance stats collected from one of more servers. Does anyone know where I could find or if someone can provide a data set - the project is to test some interesting visualisations and some predictive functions.

So far I have looked on

  • AWS Public data sets

  • Numerous GitHub posts which have URLs for Data-sets

  • Kaggle

  • UCI

  • Stanford Data-set collections page

  • R-Dir

  • Reddit

  • Crawdad

None of them have any data-sets which have anything close, so if anyone can donate a data-set or point me to a resource I have missed I would really appreciate it.

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What info would you like? I would be happy to send you the data you are looking for, but, need a general direction of what specific measures you are looking at having.

In the meantime, here is a gist of performance data from three boxes - php5, php7 and media server.

  • cpu.usage.average - CPU usage as a percentage during the interval
  • cpu.usagemhz.average - CPU usage in megahertz during the interval
  • mem.usage.average - Memory usage as percentage of total configured or available memory
  • disk.usage.average - Aggregated disk I/O rate. For hosts, this metric includes the rates for all virtual machines running on the host during the collection interval.

  • net.usage.average - Network utilization (combined transmit-rates and receive-rates) during the interval

  • sys.uptime.latest - Total time elapsed, in seconds, since last system startup

cpu mhz example

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