In 2016 there was wildfire in Alberta, Canada that damaged property in Fort McMurray. There are many images of damage to neighbourhoods on the internet like the one below. However, I have not been successful in finding images with Exif GIS metadata.

I am looking for as many of the fields as possible as I want to as accurately as possible overlay lat/longs on the image for further processing. These depend on the camera's position, altitude, zoom, angle and other parameters.

I have a strong preference for a free resource as this is a hobbyist project at the moment.

enter image description here


Have you contact GIS people at the city department in Fort McMurray about it ? They may help you how or where to find them ?

or go here http://www.rmwb.ca/living/Maps.htm . I am not sure of the province or city where they located is. I am from the United States, so not sure. You can do google if you have not done yet.

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