I'm looking for datasets allowing one to map names (given names, family names) to geographical locations. So far, the best source I've found is Wiki/DBpedia with ~ 1 million records, and Web Of Science Author names and geolocation of their affiliation.

Is there any other source I could use or someone can think of?


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The Dutch Central Bureau for Genealogy has an interface where you can type a family name and it will show the geographical distribution of that name throughout the Netherlands. You can also enter a single letter and search for names containing that letter, so with some scraping you should be able to get quite a bit of data. You can find the search interface here: http://www.cbgfamilienamen.nl/nfb/index.php?taal=eng


The Social Security Administration in the U.S. publishes state-level baby names data since 1910. You could do a state-to-state comparison.



Check public telephone listings with adresses.

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