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Persistent publishing of data. My nations DataCite does not cover my field; alternatives?

I want to make my geophysical dataset available for all humanity for all future. Until now, I'd put the data on our institutes' FTP server and write the link in the academic article I'm publishing. This is not optimal. Links may change, servers may disappear, universities may change names or decide to restructure everything, and if someone reads the article 10 years from now, there's a good chance the data won't be available at the same address. What I need is a permanent identifier for the dataset, like a DOI.

I've found DataCite, but the only DataCite member in my country is the Swedish National Data Service which deals with humanities, social sciences and health sciences. My geophysical dataset does not fit. Is there another alternative for persistently publishing my dataset? Either including hosting, or just a persistent link that redirects to a website, where I could update the redirect should the location of the data change for some reason.

What alternatives do I have for persistently publishing my data?