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Top new questions this week:

USA block-level census data for mass-download

Quick version Is there a way to mass-download block-level data from the USA Decennial Census besides just total population and housing? Explanation I know that some of the 2010 Census block-level data ...

geospatial usa us-census census download  
asked by Felipe D. 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

List of every city and town in the world?

I was wondering if anyone knows of a downloadable list of all cities and towns in the world. Can someone suggest a resource that has a comprehensive list city and town names?

data-request city  
asked by GANIZ 2 votes
answered by gerrit 5 votes

Is there a global database of all products with EAN 13 barcodes?

EAN 13 is an international system. Is there an API or database that contains all items that have these barcodes? Like all food, goods you can buy in a regular convenience store. Is there a global open ...

data-request products barcodes  
asked by bogen 157 votes
answered by Patrick Hoefler 78 votes

Credit card metadata database

Is there a database of credit card numbers that tells you what bank issued the credit card? 3 is American Express 4 is Visa/MasterCard 6 is Discover Typically the first 6 numbers will indicate what ...

data-request finance  
asked by Sun 18 votes
answered by Anny Lowry 4 votes

Average height of males and females for each of the 50 US states: Where can I download the data?

Where can I download data for average height of males and females for each of the individual 50 states? RAW data or SQL data is fine, it does not have to be charted or formatted - I can do that ...

data-request usa  
asked by user353885 7 votes
answered by Kotebiya 5 votes

Are there open historic cloud cover data files available?

I'm thinking of compiling a map showing how often it was sunny at a given location on a given day of the year, one map for every day of the year. The exact definition of "sunny" will depend on what ...

data-request weather  
asked by user6024 4 votes
answered by gerrit 3 votes

A list of cities of each country

Is there a free csv, xml or in some other format database of all (or least top 20-50 biggest) cities for each country in the world?

asked by アレックス 26 votes
answered by Andrew - OpenGeoCode 23 votes

Where can I find open data on historical forex rates for financial reporting purposes?

I am looking for historical foreign exchange (forex) data for financial reporting purposes. For example, I would like to distribute a data source that could be used for determining forex gains and ...

data-request finance  
asked by Chris Travers 12 votes
answered by philshem 6 votes
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