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A Python guide for open data file formats

If you are an open data researcher you will need to handle a lot of different file formats from datasets. Sadly, most of the time, you don’t have the opportunity to choose which file format is the ...

best-practice data-format programming  
user avatar asked by Tasos Score of 53
user avatar answered by Tasos Score of 56

Any Open Data Sets for the (Football) World Cup (in Brazil 2014)?

Are there any public data sets for the World Cup in Brazil 2014? Didn't find anything for download on the official FIFA site (besides a single-page PDF booklet for the match schedule). Ideally the ...

data-request brazil sports  
user avatar asked by Gerald Bauer Score of 19
user avatar answered by Ulrich Score of 11

U.S. City and County Web Data (API)

Are there any websites that have basic City and County information for the U.S.?

data-request usa api city county  
user avatar asked by Kermit Score of 18
user avatar answered by Joe Germuska Score of 21

Credit card metadata database

Is there a database of credit card numbers that tells you what bank issued the credit card? 3 is American Express 4 is Visa/MasterCard 6 is Discover Typically the first 6 numbers will indicate what ...

data-request finance  
user avatar asked by Sun Score of 21
user avatar answered by philshem Score of 13

Where can I find automobile insurance claims data set?

I really need a dataset about automobile insurance claims to train and test learning algorithms. I found references to Masachussets PIP claims data and to Spanish claims data in many scientific ...

user avatar asked by StackUser Score of 5
user avatar answered by Joe San Pietro Score of 7

Fitness Exercise Database / API

Im looking for a online database / API where i can pull information about some fitness exercises with basic information like difficulty, name, how to do it, etc. I hope you get my point. I saw one ...

api sports  
user avatar asked by Noshii Score of 8
user avatar answered by philshem Score of 1

List of every city and town in the world?

I was wondering if anyone knows of a downloadable list of all cities and towns in the world. Can someone suggest a resource that has a comprehensive list city and town names?

data-request city  
user avatar asked by GANIZ Score of 3
user avatar answered by gerrit Score of 6
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