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Wikipedia table to JSON (or other machine-readable format)

I'm interested in the data listed in the tables listed here. Is there a good way to extract the information (as JSON, preferably) without resorting to HTML parsing?

tool-request json wikipedia extracting html  
asked by user94154 22 votes
answered by Rufus Pollock 11 votes

Is there an open API for world terrain data?

I'm looking for open-source or publicly-available terrain data, for instance heightmaps or DEMs -- ideally GeoTIFFS by way of an easy-to-use API. For instance: you pass a pair of lat/longs and maybe a ...

geospatial api  
asked by meetar 21 votes
answered by meetar 7 votes

Open API for SEC data?

Is there any free API for programmatically grabbing SEC filing data, such as company financials or insider trading? It seems ironic that the EDGAR search gives you information in a nice tabular form, ...

usa api finance  
asked by BrenBarn 29 votes
answered by Eric Mill 8 votes

Free database of vehicle data and images

I've been looking for a free database of vehicle manufacturer's specifications, data, and images for a long time with no luck, does anyone have any ideas?

data-request transportation  
asked by user2109 18 votes
answered by Thomas 9 votes

price of commercial real estate (office space) per zip code

I need a table that will map each US zip code to the average price of commercial real estate (office space) in that zip code. It doesn't matter to me if the prices are to rent or to buy. It also ...

postal-code real-estate database  
asked by Mike W 4 votes
answered by Tim_K 3 votes

Where can I find a database of hotel property locations?

Looking for an open database of lat/long co-ordinates for hotels. I am aware of sites like but I'm looking for something more open.

data-request geospatial  
asked by Conor 11 votes
answered by philshem 4 votes

Drink Recipe Database

I'm looking for a free/open Drink (Cocktail) Recipe database. I found this one: which looks like exactly what I want, but this project doesn't have ...

data-request food recipes  
asked by Eric Ryan Harrison 7 votes
answered by ojdo 5 votes
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