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Top new questions this week:

Data on radio station tower locations in Africa

Hey I am wondering if it exists somewhere a public access dataset or map of radio tower location for African countries. I am interested in towers transmitting signals in AM/FM waves for radio ...

geospatial africa  
asked by PhDing 4 votes
answered by sboysel 3 votes

Where can I get Wild Animals population(World Wide) Dataset per region?

Where can I get all Animals population(World Wide) dataset worldwide as per region yearly?? Looking for the Wild Animals populations Dataset for Machine Learning & AI Research purpose.

data-request animals  
asked by Krishna 2 votes

Testing my code with NoSQL Telecom data

Where can I find data sets that can be used to test NoSQL databases? It's better if its applied towards the telecommunications industry. I have already tried using tabular data but i feel like it ...

data-request json telecom  
asked by Benj Cabalona Jr. 1 vote
answered by philshem 1 vote

Where can I get Specific Artist Lyrics Dataset?

Where can I get the Specific Artist Lyrics Dataset? Looking for a Complete Lyrics Dataset of Specific artists like Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber for NLP Seq Modelling.

asked by Krishna 1 vote

How to have the assess to clinical data(PROSPECT)

I am learning causal inference and I want to use a very popular dataset(the dataset is created in 1999). I find the webpage of it and many papars citing it. However, I never ever to find the download ...

asked by Travis 1 vote

Is there any open data business directory?

Is there any open data business directory ? Ideally world wide. I did tried to find but not much coming up, there are companies house UK data in csv file but not able to find anything worldwide and ...

data-request uses-of-open-data business  
asked by Mathematics 1 vote
answered by fgregg 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

API giving ships positions for the whole world

shipAIS has a great database and web interface showing what ships are in a particular area: Unfortunately, it is limited to North Europe. Is there a similar database for ships in the whole world? ...

data-request api-request transportation  
asked by Nicolas Raoul 8 votes
answered by philshem 11 votes

Looking for open dataset containing data for disease and symptoms

I am doing a data mining project on "health prediction system". So, Is there any open dataset containing data for disease and symptoms.

r python  
asked by Adit Vira 5 votes
answered by Mrye 1 vote

Dataset of major newspapers content

I'm looking for the materials of major newspapers, such as The New York Times, Washington Post, and The Economist. A random sample of their articles or headlines would suffice, but each newspaper has ...

data-request api api-request media  
asked by Anton Tarasenko 13 votes
answered by Anton Tarasenko 7 votes

FedBizopps Raw Data - API

I'm trying to locate the raw data from FedBizOpps or an API to the daily information. On their site they provide a link, but the page is a 404. Is there a way to download all active electronic ...

data-request api-request business  
asked by Mike A 11 votes
answered by Alison R. 12 votes

Sources of weather data

Barry, could you abuse this site's "answer your own question" feature to create a community wiki answer for sources of weather data (both current and historical), since it gets asked so often?

data-request weather climate  
asked by Barry Carter 20 votes
answered by Barry Carter 17 votes

Where can I download those bible verses in JSON or XML or SQL formatted file?

I need to make a site that has Chinese bible verses as well as English bible verses. Where can I download those in MySQL, XML or JSON format? Can I download them for free? I need NIV version and 和合本 ...

data-request json sql religion xml  
asked by user2409718 10 votes
answered by Snubian 6 votes

Where can I find a database of hotel property locations?

Looking for an open database of lat/long co-ordinates for hotels. I am aware of sites like but I'm looking for something more open.

data-request geospatial  
asked by Conor 10 votes
answered by philshem 4 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Seeking block group data for USA for analyzing population change over time

I'm looking for a place to get data in the Census block group format that is not aggregated. Previously I tried to use the ACS 5 Year Survey, but their data aggregated five years so I was unable to ...

us-census demographics population  
asked by Drew Heiderscheidt 1 vote

Where one can find historical and\or actual europe shore height data?

So remember Venice floods? I wonder where one can find a record on historical and\or actual Europe shore height data (especially for north Europe)?

data-request geospatial  
asked by DuckQueen 2 votes

Exercise Muscle Group Database / API

Im looking for a database or API where I can pull the affected muscle groups for a given exercise, preferably with a score for each group indicating how much its impacted by the exercise. Any help or ...

api sports  
asked by Akromyk 2 votes
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