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German - English dictionary

I'm looking for a simple German - English dictionary (txt, CSV or some other easy-to-parse format) I need only German nouns with their gender, plural form (optional) and translation to English. I've ...

data-request dictionary  
user avatar asked by Grez Score of 8

Any Open Data Sets for the (Football) World Cup (in Brazil 2014)?

Are there any public data sets for the World Cup in Brazil 2014? Didn't find anything for download on the official FIFA site (besides a single-page PDF booklet for the match schedule). Ideally the ...

data-request brazil sports  
user avatar asked by Gerald Bauer Score of 19
user avatar answered by Ulrich Score of 11

Where can I find a database of hotel property locations?

Looking for an open database of lat/long co-ordinates for hotels. I am aware of sites like but I'm looking for something more open.

data-request geospatial  
user avatar asked by Conor Score of 12

A table mapping from US county or ZIP to Nielsen Designated Market Area (DMA)

Nielsen has come up with this notion: A DMA region is a group of counties that form an exclusive geographic area[...] DMAs partition all US counties, and I want to know which counties belong to ...

data-request usa geospatial  
user avatar asked by Frank Score of 10
user avatar answered by Joe Germuska Score of 7

Fitness Exercise Database / API

Im looking for a online database / API where i can pull information about some fitness exercises with basic information like difficulty, name, how to do it, etc. I hope you get my point. I saw one ...

api sports  
user avatar asked by Noshii Score of 8
user avatar answered by Tin Man Score of 1

Are there any good libraries available for doing normalization of company names?

I've run into a number of use cases where I need to normalize company names in a database before running automated and manual matching. We've usually ended up writing a specific script with endless ...

tool-request companies opencorporates normalization  
user avatar asked by skyebend Score of 39
user avatar answered by Chris Taggart Score of 21

Seeking list of all US cities and their latitude and longitude

I am looking for a list of all US cities and their latitude and longitude. Ideally something free will work but I'm willing to pay for it if its not too expensive and its complete.

data-request geospatial city location  
user avatar asked by bbennett36 Score of 6
user avatar answered by Kotebiya Score of 4
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