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Top new questions this week:

Is it possible to download worldometer COVID-19 country data?

I want to download the raw data for COVID-19 cases in Sweden but can't find anywhere on worldometer to do it. Does anyone know how to download the data as a csv file?

csv covid19  
asked by SeanJ 2 votes
answered by Marcus D 1 vote

Is there cleaner alternative of the original JAXA ALOS AW3D30 digital surface model (DSM) data?

The team from JAXA made a great job on DSM derived from ALOS-2. However, I find issues on data, e.g.: satellite stripes footprints, elevation drops by 1 to 5 metres rare, but obvious noise in data ...

geospatial global  
asked by jurajb 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Shapes of ZIP codes - polygons for each ZIP code

I'm looking for an open data set that contains polygons with the shape of each ZIP code in the US. GeoJSON format would be ideal. I've done a bunch of searching, and I've been able to find shape ...

data-request usa geospatial postal-code  
asked by D.W. 7 votes

Google search by file size

How can I sort files found by Google search according to their size or show only results that are larger than x Kilobytes? For isntance using filetype:mbox to find only large .mbox files.

data-request tool-request search-engine  
asked by zvisofer 4 votes
answered by Joe Germuska 2 votes

Average height of males and females for each of the 50 US states: Where can I download the data?

Where can I download data for average height of males and females for each of the individual 50 states? RAW data or SQL data is fine, it does not have to be charted or formatted - I can do that ...

data-request usa  
asked by user353885 7 votes
answered by Kotebiya 5 votes

Transactional data over multiple years (Customer ID, Date, Price)

To build models to predict customer behavior, I am searching for transactional data over multiple years (i.e. > 3 years). My focus is to assess the quality of long-term predictions, thus the longer ...

data-request business companies time-series  
asked by majom 10 votes
answered by Anton Tarasenko 3 votes

Wikipedia table to JSON (or other machine-readable format)

I'm interested in the data listed in the tables listed here. Is there a good way to extract the information (as JSON, preferably) without resorting to HTML parsing?

tool-request json wikipedia extracting html  
asked by user94154 22 votes
answered by Rufus Pollock 11 votes

Where can I get private companies' financials?

Countries have mandatory disclosure of some financial indicators for certain industries. Some companies may disclose information about their financial performance at will. While public corporations ...

data-request usa finance companies  
asked by Anton Tarasenko 10 votes
answered by Sophie Raseman 8 votes

Clickstream sample dataset

I am looking for some web traffic or clickstream dataset, ideally from an ecommerce website. I like to do some analysis on purchasing pattern if possible. For example: visit duration, conversion, ...

data-request business internet  
asked by Hawk 13 votes
answered by Sayali Sonawane 9 votes
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