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Top new questions this week:

Index of YouTube video titles

I'm looking for a way to identify (as many as possible) YouTube videos on a certain topics based on a keywords occurring in their titles. YouTube Data API provides a way to search for videos based on ...

nlp text  
asked by dzieciou 1 vote
answered by philshem 1 vote

Open Source huge dataset for Language Modelling

Looking for text data including books, GitHub repositories, webpages, chat logs, and medical, physics, math, computer science, and philosophy papers for Language modeling.

data-request text language-modeling large-datasets  
asked by Pluviophile 1 vote
answered by Pluviophile 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Average height of males and females for each of the 50 US states: Where can I download the data?

Where can I download data for average height of males and females for each of the individual 50 states? RAW data or SQL data is fine, it does not have to be charted or formatted - I can do that ...

data-request usa  
asked by user353885 7 votes
answered by Kotebiya 5 votes

Speech audio files dataset with language labels

I am working on building a language classifier in speech/audio samples. I have been trying to find a dataset which may have considerable number of speech samples in various languages. The audio files ...

language machine-learning audio  
asked by Magus Verma 15 votes
answered by philshem 9 votes

Are there open historic cloud cover data files available?

I'm thinking of compiling a map showing how often it was sunny at a given location on a given day of the year, one map for every day of the year. The exact definition of "sunny" will depend on what ...

data-request weather  
asked by user6024 4 votes
answered by gerrit 2 votes

Source of ABA Numbers for US banks

I'm looking an open data source of American Banking Association Route Numbers for US banks. The ABA number is the routing number that is found on a US bank check.

usa bank  
asked by Tim Child 19 votes
answered by respectPotentialEnergy 8 votes

A list of cities of each country

Is there a free csv, xml or in some other format database of all (or least top 20-50 biggest) cities for each country in the world?

asked by アレックス 26 votes
answered by Andrew - OpenGeoCode 23 votes

Data of vehicle traffic

Does anyone know/have good dataset or data feed of vehicle traffic on freeways/highways or urban area? I'm searching for data from vehicle counters that have small interval of measurement, like 1 or ...

data-request traffic  
asked by Vedran 16 votes
answered by Andrew - OpenGeoCode 14 votes

How can I work with a 4GB csv file?

What's the best way to access a 4GB csv file? I would like get a 'cut' of this open data set: Full Replacement Monthly NPI File, available here Specifically, ...

tool-request data-format programming csv  
asked by user1453 88 votes
answered by fgregg 61 votes
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