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Top new questions this week:

Seeking dinosaur data

Is there any open data concerning dinosaur discoveries? I am particularly interested in plotting them on a map, and showing date when clicked/showing all discoveries of a certain type/in a certain ...

asked by Mawg says reinstate Monica 3 votes
answered by sboysel 2 votes

What is an effective way to share many geojsons that are a timeseries?

I currently have a long-running scrape that collects geojson data for Zürich bike-sharing. Each file is appended with a timestamp of when it was collected. The file structure doesn't change. What's ...

geospatial releasing-data json  
asked by philshem 3 votes

Where can i get an API of all oil & gas wells in America?

I am looking for an API for oil and gas wells, including their name and location. I know each state has has this data for download but is there an API out there? I know of some but they are at least ...

data-request usa api  
asked by EliteViper777 1 vote
answered by philshem 0 votes

Where to get the USA bill of lading datasets

I need the US imports bill of lading datasets. I know that it's free but i only find data vendors, like import genius. Where can i download or buy the RAW datasets without vendors? Directly from the ...  
asked by Ruben Dario Perez 1 vote

English tenses exercises database (with answers)

Where can I find english tenses database to add them into my learning app

asked by григорий юрков 1 vote

What are common datasets used for collaboration recommendations?

I look for datasets that I can use for collaboration recommendation (i.e. co-authorship prediction). In other words, the dataset includes details related to authors and their publications. I am ...

data-request uses-of-open-data  
asked by EmJ 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Good tools to parse repetitive unstructured data

I'm looking to parse a large number of lines of repetitive but unstructured data. This is a task that happens at least once every project, in my experience, so I'm looking for a tool to transform ...

tool-request parsing unstructured-data programming  
asked by RCA 36 votes
answered by Daniel Knell 23 votes

Where can I find U.S. train traffic data?

I'm trying to get a general idea of railroad traffic along particular segments of track—whether it's abandoned, whether it gets one train a month, or 100 trains a day. Is there a source of such data? ...

data-request usa transportation  
asked by Waldo Jaquith 10 votes
answered by Jeanne Holm 7 votes

2014 Ebola outbreak dataset

I'm looking for a dataset on the 2014 Ebola outbreak with as many following fields as possible: For each individual contaminated with ebola: Estimated datetime and location of detection Datetime ...

data-request medical  
asked by Franck Dernoncourt 18 votes
answered by Caitlin 10 votes

Database of all Coca Cola (and its franchises) bottling plants locations worldwide

For economics-related research I'm looking to map all the Coca Cola bottling plants worldwide. Where can I find such a list?

data-request economics industry  
asked by HDunn 4 votes
answered by Jeanne Holm 3 votes

What is the most comprehensive resource for querying french and english books having an ISBN code?

I would like to know if a repository of all known ISBN exists; either a worldwide database, or per country. If there is no such downloadable database, among all the available API's for querying ...

data-request api books barcodes  
asked by Jalayn 14 votes
answered by John 12 votes

price of commercial real estate (office space) per zip code

I need a table that will map each US zip code to the average price of commercial real estate (office space) in that zip code. It doesn't matter to me if the prices are to rent or to buy. It also ...

postal-code real-estate database  
asked by Mike W 4 votes
answered by Tim_K 3 votes

Where can I aquire global wind (speed and direction) data?

Where can I acquire global wind (speed and direction) data? Preferably in some kind of GIS format and free of charge. Cheers

data-request geospatial  
asked by aneh 5 votes

Can you answer these questions?

API Access to OSHA Establishment Search

I have a use case where I need to be able to make an API request to retrieve inspection data for a given establishment. This is the page I can use to retrieve the data manually: ...

asked by Aaron Jorgenson 1 vote

Demographics, particulary age distribution in Wuhan and Hubei province

Are demographic data, specifically age distribution available for Wuhan and the Chinese Hubei province? I would like to know if the age distribution is somewhat comparable with other urban areas ...

demographics population china covid19  
asked by Koinc 2 votes
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