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Top new questions this week:

Seeking shapefile of Districts Cyprus in vector format

Where do I find the shapefile of Cyprus communities? I am referring to the small black polygons that made the districts - Famagusta, Kyrenia, Larnaca, Limassol, Nicosia and Paphos in the picture below....

geospatial map  
asked by Umar Yusuf 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Where can I find a database of hotel property locations?

Looking for an open database of lat/long co-ordinates for hotels. I am aware of sites like but I'm looking for something more open.

data-request geospatial  
asked by Conor 11 votes
answered by philshem 4 votes

Total screen time and first on-screen appearance by actors in films

I'm looking for a data set that contains total screen time and first on-screen appearance (mm:ss) by actors and actresses in Hollywood films. I'm most interested in these data points for actors and ...

data-request film  
asked by Bill the Lizard 14 votes
answered by A.L 7 votes

Any CDR (call data record) dataset?

I would like to do some analytics on CDR data, preferably mobile, but anything will do. Ideally I would like to have between 100MB to 10GB of data. I have been trying to look for this type of data ...

data-request telecom  
asked by Enzo 22 votes
answered by Xaviote 8 votes

Database of all Coca Cola (and its franchises) bottling plants locations worldwide

For economics-related research I'm looking to map all the Coca Cola bottling plants worldwide. Where can I find such a list?

data-request economics industry  
asked by HDunn 4 votes
answered by Jeanne Holm 3 votes

Is there a global database of all products with EAN 13 barcodes?

EAN 13 is an international system. Is there an API or database that contains all items that have these barcodes? Like all food, goods you can buy in a regular convenience store. Is there a global open ...

data-request products barcodes  
asked by bogen 145 votes
answered by Patrick Hoefler 75 votes

Stock market historical data

I was surprised not to find a similar question here. But what are the best sources of stock market daily (weekly, monthly) prices for all listed companies in a given market? Google Finance, Yahoo ...

data-request finance historical  
asked by Anton Tarasenko 18 votes
answered by philshem 9 votes

Vehicles Data and Images API

Are there any APIs available for vehicles? I am going to use this for Android Studio programming

api cars  
asked by BakingCake 8 votes
answered by racerror 14 votes

Can you answer this question?

Where can I find the country of origin information of migrants who passed away in the Mediterranean Sea?

I'm planning on making a video that depicts a map of the locations of the deaths of migrants and refugees that attempt to cross the Mediterranean Sea as time progresses. Specifically, I'd like to show ...

migration un  
asked by Max Muller 1 vote
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