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Any CDR (call data record) dataset?

I would like to do some analytics on CDR data, preferably mobile, but anything will do. Ideally I would like to have between 100MB to 10GB of data. I have been trying to look for this type of data ...

data-request telecom  
asked by Enzo Score of 23
answered by Xaviote Score of 8

Dataset of sentences translated into many languages

I'm looking for a dataset of human translated sentences. The ideal dataset would look like this: 1, en, The weather is nice today. 1, de, Das Wetter ist heute schön. 1, es, El clima es agradable hoy....

data-request language  
asked by philshem Score of 11
answered by Nicolas Raoul Score of 9

Free database of vehicle data and VIN

I've been looking for a free database of vehicle manufacturer's specifications, data, and VIN for a long time with no luck, does anyone have any ideas? Please identify any database of free or non-...

data-request transportation  
asked by Ali Hesari Score of 6
answered by Joe Platano Score of 6

2014 Ebola outbreak dataset

I'm looking for a dataset on the 2014 Ebola outbreak with as many following fields as possible: For each individual contaminated with ebola: Estimated datetime and location of detection Datetime and ...

data-request medical  
asked by Franck Dernoncourt Score of 18
answered by Caitlin Score of 10

Speech audio files dataset with language labels

I am working on building a language classifier in speech/audio samples. I have been trying to find a dataset which may have considerable number of speech samples in various languages. The audio files ...

language machine-learning audio  
asked by Magus Score of 17
answered by philshem Score of 9

Free source of AIS data (API)

The automatic identification system (AIS) is an automatic tracking system that uses transponders on ships to locate them. There are also databases that provide information about the ship — size, type, ...

api transportation uk location ais  
asked by Mawg says reinstate Monica Score of 6
answered by Robin Moffatt Score of 3

Large list of quotes

I am looking for a large database / list of quotes I can use. Preferably famous quotes / quotes by famous people. I have tried looking for a brainyquote API or something, but couldn't find one. If ...

data-request language api  
asked by TwoShorts Score of 12
answered by Mark Silverberg Score of 16
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