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Amazon price history dataset

Are there any datasets on Amazon products' price history? doesn't make it available and the Amazon Product Advertising API doesn't seem to give access to the price history.

data-request historical products prices  
asked by Franck Dernoncourt 18 votes
answered by CheeseConQueso 5 votes

Obtaining ADSB Mode-S Data Feeds for Aircraft from the FAA

A number of sites are publishing ADS-B/Mode-S data on maps, obtained from the FAA with a 5 minute delay. We would like to get access to these feeds, but I cannot find who to contact or where to start....

data-request real-time aviation  
asked by Mark Cupitt 8 votes
answered by fgregg 5 votes

Nicknames database

I'm interested in being able to identify a name like "Nick" as a short form of a name like "Nicholas" in a data set. Is there any kind of open or somewhat standardized mapping of names and nicknames ...

data-request names  
asked by shadowtalker 16 votes
answered by albert 22 votes

Any CDR (call data record) dataset?

I would like to do some analytics on CDR data, preferably mobile, but anything will do. Ideally I would like to have between 100MB to 10GB of data. I have been trying to look for this type of data ...

data-request telecom  
asked by Enzo 22 votes
answered by Xaviote 8 votes

Customer Service (Call Center) Audio datasets

I am looking for audio/video samples of conversations between customer service agents and customers. The background noise and accents are not a problem here so long as the conversation is in English....

data-request machine-learning audio  
asked by Siddharth Thanga Mariappan 4 votes
answered by SuperKogito 3 votes

A table mapping from US county or ZIP to Nielsen Designated Market Area (DMA)

Nielsen has come up with this notion: A DMA region is a group of counties that form an exclusive geographic area[...] DMAs partition all US counties, and I want to know which counties belong to ...

data-request usa geospatial  
asked by Frank 10 votes
answered by Joe Germuska 7 votes

Fitness Exercise Database / API

Im looking for a online database / API where i can pull information about some fitness exercises with basic information like difficulty, name, how to do it, etc. I hope you get my point. I saw one ...

api sports  
asked by Noshii 8 votes
answered by Tin Man 1 vote

Can you answer this question?

Seeking carbon geospatial data

Is there a easy way to access and query carbon data such as the data that comes from OCO-2 satellite? I’m trying to find a easy way of quantifying the carbon emissions within a certain area. Ideally I ...

data-request geospatial geocoding environment  
asked by Lostsoul 1 vote
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