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I've been looking for a free database of vehicle manufacturer's specifications, data, and images for a long time with no luck, does anyone have any ideas?

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please expand. what kind of vehicles? trucks, cars, boats? and what kind of data? manufactor specs, reported fuel economy, crash test results? –  philshem Mar 5 '14 at 10:59
Anything categorized as a "vehicle". More specifically, I'm looking for manufacturer specs. –  user2109 Mar 5 '14 at 17:38

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For the United States, FuelEconomy.Gov provides a seemingly comprehensive database of vehicles. You can use the API to pull down select vehicles or all vehicles in the database. In is primarily to communicate fuel economy, but a number of other vehicle features are also reported (transmission, engine type, etc.).

Full disclosure: I'm the developer of an R package aimed at extracting data from the API.

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Here is a database of vehicles in the UK.

How Many Left?

Search for statistics about every make and model of vehicle registered in Great Britain. Data comes directly from the Department for Transport, and is regularly updated.

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